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Some Projects for a Broadcasting Channel [EL-DJAZAIRIA TV]

Hey guys, here are my own projects I made for a broadcasting TV Channel [EL-DJAZAIRIA TV].
I know they look so simple but all I wanna tell you all these works has been taken and printed and put in the streets and sent by e-mail.
I've also made some animations I'll trynna post them down here.
C&C are most welcome! Thank you.

Reda lamine hadath

Slides for the website [Political tv Show]

Reda lamine 01

Slides for the website [Footbal Show]

Reda lamine dzfoot

Bus Station Poster for the Footbal tv Show

Reda lamine food

Poster for Food tv Show

Reda lamine dzcup

Bnner for the Soccer -12 y o event

Reda lamine dzcupbadge

Entery Tickets for the Soccer -12 for event

Reda lamine banner

Banner for the Cinema tv Show